P.E.B Technology

Pre Engineered Building or commonly abbreviated as PEB is an up-to-date construction technology, where consumers can get robust and robust building structures with very fast and efficient construction time

MAGNA SYSTEM brings leading edge technology, so PEB is not only a large-scale building solution but can also be an effective and efficient option for medium-sized buildings in Indonesia.



High Quality Steel Material
Minimum Yield Strength 450/550 MPa
Minimum Tensile Stress 450/550 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity 200.000 MPa
Coat of Anti-Corrosion Z220 and Z275
System structure is calculated according to
Wind Codes ASCI7-10
SNI 03
Earth Quake SNI 1726-2012
IBC 2006
Design Codes AISI 1996 & 2001
Design Load 03-1727-2013
ASCE 7-10
MBMA 2002

Connectors & Connecting Devices

One of the most important parts of the PEB structure is the use of appropriate connectors and connectors, so that the PEB structure is capable of carrying the load in accordance with those already calculated.

Profile Type

Using a complete variant of profile types so as to provide the best and economical solution.

C55, C65, C75, C85, C95, C100, C140, C200, and C250.

With a profile thickness ranging from 0.75 to 2.4 mm.

Production process

Each component of Magna System is produced with the finest materials
Using advanced production machinery and fabrication technologies.
To produce a profile that has a good level of precision.
So that the standard of quality and quality of construction will be in accordance with the design plan.

Stages of Workmanship

Image Work Complete
Proposal pricing & contracting process
Re-measurement & drawing detail plan
Production process pre fabricated structure
Shipping from factory
Assembling and installation
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