What Is P.E.B?

What Is P.E.B?

The challenges of the times arise the need for building construction that is not only strong (structural) and economical (pricing), but also can be built or made quickly with high accuracy (neat, not many modification improvement processes in the field). In other words, consumer demand is no longer just about the prime power at a reasonable price.

Pre-engineered steel building construction is one of the answers to these needs. The term “PEB” is a definite answer to the need for speed and neatness as mentioned above, in addition to being strong and economical.

PEB is a construction system in which all engineering processes are conducted outside the construction site, or carried out in a separate workshop / factory. All engineering processes ranging from design and structural calculations, detailed drawings, shop drawing, erection / installation drawings to material fabrication processes are conducted in an integrated off-site project. After all engineering processes are completed, all materials are delivered to the project site in decomposing condition and then assembled / assembled into a single construction unit. One way to eliminate the fabrication process in the field is by engineering a connection system that uses a bolt system instead of a welding joint.

In the world of steel construction, PEB is broadly divided into two classifications: PEB-Heavy and PEB-Light. PEB-Heavy generally uses thick steel plate (with normal steel quality, about 240 – 300 Mpa). These steel plates are cut and welded to form a specific structural profile according to the design (load, aesthetic, functional).

While PEB-Light generally use cold-rolled steel or cold-formed steel plates with relatively thin thickness but with high steel quality (about 400 – 600 Mpa). These steel sheets are formed by a roll-form machine forming a specific profile, can be “C”, “Z”, or omega section.

Magna System is a PEB-Light which is done by the nation’s children, produced domestically and is the best offer for the construction of the archipelago to help meet the needs of steel construction is strong, safe, fast, neat but still economical.

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